Running Analysis, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

The way you run determines the amount of stress that goes through your joints, muscles and tendons.  Running is a skill which uses the whole body, and doing it without good technique could lead to injury.  At Physio Three Sixty we can perform a comprehensive running analysis and provide advice on the best things to do for long term self-management.

What we will do:
1. Take information about your running, including mileage, supplemental training, composition and previous/current injury.
2. Perform a full body screen of lower limbs and spine
3. Assess running technique & biomechanics with the use of video analysis taking into account:
  • stride mechanics
  • impact and position of foot in relation to body
  • upper body movement
  • specific adaptations - running technique coaching & gait re-training (can be particularly effective for treating common running-related injuries such as ITB syndrome & shin splints).
4. Provide training guidance
  • advice on integrating adaptations into training, including specific drills and strength exercises.
5. Make footwear recommendation (if necessary)
  • we will give specific recommendations on footwear
  • if required, we have links with specialist MSK podiatrists to assist with footwear and orthotics

specialist running analysis hitchin

professional running analysis hertfordshire
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