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Without good movement and body position the things we do in everyday life can put strain on our body leading to pain and discomfort.  For some this could be sitting at work and for others training for a marathon.  Sometimes we are unlucky with injury and this stops us being able to function normally or do the things we enjoy. Physiotherapy can help to accurately diagnose the problem, alleviate symptoms of pain with appropriate treatment and prevent recurrence.

At Physio Three Sixty we don’t just look at your problem area – we look beyond it to ensure all the separate parts of your body are working well together. This is how we ensure that you can function efficiently and get back to your best.  

Physiotherapy treatments can include mobilisation and manipulation of joints, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture & dry needling, taping of joints and injured tissues and exercise for the prevention and rehabilitation of injury and chronic pain.

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There are many injuries we see in Physiotherapy where the key to long term resolution is a good rehabilitation programme.  This is even more important when your symptoms after injury have become persistent (i.e. last longer than three months), if you have a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis (commonly referred to as wear & tear), before or after orthopaedic surgery (e.g. hip & knee replacement, sub-acromial shoulder decompression, ACL/knee ligament reconstruction), or following a fracture once the bone has healed. 

If so you may require a rehabilitation programme that lasts anywhere from 3-9 months.  It is essential that you are progressed at the right rate so that you are adequately challenged without overdoing it, and by the same token pushed on if you are not being stretched enough. 

We take everything into consideration when designing rehab programmes, including lifestyle, current exercise levels, medical status, access to equipment and personal goals.  This ensures you get a targeted programme tailored to your needs to get the maximum benefit.
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With vast experience across the public and private sectors in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, we have treated thousands of different injuries.  Check out our list of commonly treated conditions.


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